If you’re gearing up to purchase your first suit than you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to run through every (important) concept you need to know about buying your first interview suit.

First, take a look at the two suits below. Both suits may look professional at first blush. But let’s take a closer look.

Look Like This Not This

The suit on the left is a well fitting, a blue-grey suit, complemented with a light blue dress shirt and a muted blue tie – perfect.

The suit on the right looks great on TV but not in an interview. You want to avoid distracting attire in any professional setting. You’re choice of dress shirt should be white or light blue. Moreover, It should go without saying that a Fedora hat is inappropriate for an interview. Lastly, you want to avoid all bright colors. Bright ties, dress shirts, and pocket squares should be left at home.

Take a second look at the above pictures. Do you see the difference now? A suit should complement the man inside the suit, it should not distract away from the man in the suit.

let’s talk details . . .

It’s all about the shoulders

Shoulder fit and arm length are the most important part of a suit to get right at the point of sale. Everything else can be tailored. A well fitted suit jacket should lay flat on the shoulder. This man bought a suit jacket with shoulders that are too broad. Can you see the massive divot just under the shoulder?

poor fit

Now here’s an example of how a suit jacket should fit. Notice how the shoulder lays flat without bulging or creating a divot.

Suit Color

You’re first interview or business suit should be grey or blue. Black suits are reserved for formal events such as funerals, weddings, high school prom. Once you have a staple blue or grey suit, you can branch out to other color combinations.

Two buttons or three?

Three button suits went out of style with Richard Nixon. Even John F. Kennedy wore a more modern two button suit. While three button suits and double breasted suits are still sold, the two button suit has become the standard. Don’t stray from this standard. You’ll be the only man in three button suit.


If you need more convincing, Harvey Spector and Mike Ross want you to buy a blue two button suit . . .

two button suit

Appropriate Tie Colors

Nothing crazy! Do you know many times I’ve been driving through a college campus and  witnessed a student with bright red dress shirt and a silver tie. Please don’t be that guy.


Rule of thumb – your belt and shoes (“accessories”) should both be the same color. Brown accessories go with grey or blue suits. Black suits should have black accessories. If you’re watch is leather, the color of the leather should preferably match the color of your belt.

That’s it gentlemen! Best of luck in that first interview.


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