That’s the mindset you need to climb Mount Everest with a broken leg or to challenge two party candidates for the White House. That, however, is exactly the mindset of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. And, if Gary continues to climb in the polls at the rate analysts expect, he will have accomplished both those feats.

Who is Gary Johnson? He’s the socially liberal, fiscally conservative, mountain climbing, former two-term Governor running for president.

An independent presidential candidate must participate in the nationally televised debates that lead up to the general election to have a shot at becoming president. In order to be invited to the debates a candidate is required reach 15% in five national polls.

No independent candidate has ever achieved the 15% ratings needed to be invited to the debates. In fact, the last independent candidate to participate in the debates under any circumstances was Ross Perot in 1992.

The shocking part – Gary’s close. He’s polling at 15% in Colorado and 12% in Virginia. Nationally, he’s polling at around 10%. How is he flirting with becoming the first independent candidate to make it to the debates since Ross Perot? Folks are unhappy with both party candidates, and their defecting to Johnson at an unprecedented rate.

So, without further ado . .

10 things to know about presidential candidate Gary Johnson:
    1. He’s a two-term republican governor in a state that has twice as many democrats as republicans.
    2. Gary climbed Mount Everest with a healing broken leg.
    3. He’s advocating a Fair Tax. If you’re not familiar with a Fair Tax, it’s a tax system where you’re taxed for the money you spend and not your income.
    4. Gary balanced the New Mexico budget in all eight years of his governorship.
    5. He’s pro gay rights.
    6. Although he personally disfavors abortion, he adamantly believes it’s a women’s right to choose.

  1. He’s a five-time Ironman triathlete.
  2.  While Governor of New Mexico, Gary repealed a law that made it illegal to buy alcohol on Sunday and was quoted as saying “Why not? That’s a stupid rule. People can make their own decisions about what day of the week they want a beer.”
  3. He believes that politicians have “criminalized” too many civil liberties and wants to reform the criminal justice system. His ideas include legalizing marijuana and dispensing with mandatory minimum sentences. Gary notes that the U.S.A has the highest incarceration rate of any first world country.
  4. Gary believes in global warming and taking preventative measures to stop global warming.

If you’d like to learn more about Gary Johnson, his Facebook page can be found here and his website can be found here.

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